Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Document: my outfits

I feel like I'm just now--at age 32--finally hitting my stride. I'm recovering from a long illness and my kids are not quite as demanding as when they were born, and at last I have the capability to be interested in things like growing my hair out, having cute shoes, and just generally trying to avoid looking like a hot mess.

It's hit or miss most days.

 (iPhone photo taken yesterday by my four-year-old daughter!)

I really enjoy fashion bloggers like Jessica and Ali and Reachel, but I would never flatter myself enough to think that I have any stylish insight to offer the blogosphere. Instead, I'm using my New Year's resolution of "document" to record my own outfits that I like, or feel happy wearing.

(iPhone photo taken yesterday by my four-year-old daughter!)

Yesterday, I tried to dress appropriately for my day but spent the whole time feeling like I was only vaguely resembling myself. I came home, changed a few things, and felt like I was finally me again. Super-stylish? No. Groundbreaking? No. Did I feel better? Yes!

  (iPhone photo taken today by my two-year-old daughter!)

I just downloaded an iPhone app called Cloth to help my record my sartorial highs and lows. I'll let you know how I like it, but until then, here are a few more inspiring bloggers who I really enjoy. 

A Beautiful Mess
Brooklyn Blonde
Lazy Saturdays
I Still Love Fashion

  (iphone photo taken by my two-year-old daughter!)

Here's to hoping 2012 sees all of us becoming better versions of ourselves, outfits and all!

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Barbara said...

I love both of your outfits! And, I think Faith has a future in photography! I'm looking forward to talking with you when I'm feeling more chatty...