Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 resolutions: one word

Maybe you've heard of the one word resolutions?

In a nutshell, instead of trying to achieve lots of goals to change who we are, the intent of the one word resolution is not to do, but to be.

My one word this year?


I carry too much in my head and heart, and it's a burden I don't need. This year, I want to record all those adorable things my kids say, know exactly where I'm spending money, keep my to-do lists in better places, save all those pretty wine labels, keep correspondence from sweet friends, know how much protein I'm eating daily, and so on.


What's your resolution this year?


Barbara said...

I like it! I'm still mulling over my word--it's either grace or mercy, based on Earl's sermon on the 1st.

Rachel said...

His sermons are always terrific. Those are good words, too!