Saturday, January 7, 2012

Weekend links

Today has been full of Godly sorrows, heavenly joys, undeserved blessings, inevitable disappointments, long wistful stares into the distance, and it's not even three o'clock yet. Hopefully your weekend is more even-keeled than mine is so far, and if it is, you might enjoy a few of these links.

I loved this: "2011 Lesson 2: Don't Carpe Diem", posted to facebook by a childhood friend who is now a published author! Any mom who has felt guilt over not relishing the insanity of the toddler years will really appreciate this article.

I ordered these notepads and cannot wait for them to arrive! I know this will make my 2012 weekly menu planning easier and, most important, cuter.

My husband read me this article from the Wall Street Journal about gym memberships and exercising. I'm still chuckling about the "Wilco step class."

And if the gym isn't your thing, here are some clothes to wear to hide the winter pudginess and just make it look like you're working out. Guess which approach I'll be taking?


Barbara said...

I laughed at the gym article. And, yes, there's a creepy gym-guy at ours... ewww....

Rachel said...

I thought that was pretty funny, too!